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An Introduction to Economic Thinking: Centering the Practical and the Social

With John Bloom


Thursday, May 12th

6:15pm - 7:30pm 

San Francisco Waldorf School


Based primarily on Rudolf Steiner’s Economics Lectures [published as Rethinking Economics], along with the work of E.F. Schumacher [Small is Beautiful] and Jane Jacobs [The Nature of Economies], we will explore the nature of economic thinking, practical and new economic approaches, and a deeper understanding of capital and money.


The purpose of this introduction will be to demystify economics, understand it in relation to the earth and its ecology as a closed system, and then to situate ourselves as economic citizens. We will look at the three basic elements of economics—natural resources, labor, capital—as the source of different kinds of value. And further, we will look at the nature of capital and how it is different than money, though we often confuse the two. If we have time, we will then explore the nature of money itself as an expression in circulation and how it can more effectively support the interdependent multiple dimensions of social life.


There will be plenty of time for Q & A, as well as time for reflection. We will also assess whether there is interest in another or longer session. 

Temari Workshop

With Yoriko Yamamoto


Tuesday, May 17th

6:00pm - 8:00pm 

San Francisco Waldorf School


Learn the Japanese folk art of Temari (手まり) ball making! Temari (hand-ball) was originally made in many households for children’s play. The stitch adornments traditionally carry well wishes and good omens, which will be discussed in class. The Temari are made with naturally dyed (by Yoriko) cotton thread and rice husks. Yoriko will bring in colors mostly made from San Francisco Bay Area plants. This project is great for people with no sewing experience to advanced sewers. All are welcome! 

Needle Case Making: Exploration into Color

With Yoriko Yamamoto


Tuesday, May 24th

6:00pm - 8:00pm 

San Francisco Waldorf School

This class offers basics on how to use a needle and thread to create a tiny book that holds your essential sewing tools. We will also discuss the Waldorf ways of using color. If you are comfortable with sewing, you may add stitching and explore the ways students work with color in our school. This project is great for people with no sewing experience to advanced sewers. All are welcome! 

Eurythmy and the Zodiac 

With Astrid Thiersch


Tuesday, March 8th

6:15pm - 7:30pm 

San Francisco Waldorf School

Since ancient times the zodiac was seen as a guide for life, a source of knowledge about the nature of human beings and their destinies. Through the zodiac, the cosmos streams into all living things. In Eurythmy, we can experience how formative forces enter the human being, and find a connection to the world of the stars. 

Once Upon a Time...

With David Weber


Thursday, March 3rd

6:15pm - 7:30pm 

San Francisco Waldorf School

Once upon a time… these magic words induce a beautiful sense of anticipation in every listener, at every age of life, in all ages of time. We know we can lose ourselves in narrative pictures, we can dream, and imagine … and perhaps return a little wiser and more at peace with ourselves and the world. Storytelling is as ancient as human culture; today it is fashionable in business circles and therapy as well as classrooms. What is the magic of storytelling? Why did Rudolf Steiner place it in the center of the Waldorf curriculum? Join us for an exploration of the enduring power of this venerable art.

Holy Nights Winter Solstice Gathering

With Astrid Thiersch and David Weber


Tuesday, December 21st

6pm - 7:30pm 

San Francisco Waldorf School

At the Winter Solstice we reach the shortest day and the longest night of the year and look forward to the return of the light. How might we find inner illumination through the Holy Nights? You are invited to join in an evening of eurythmy followed by contemplation and conversation led by Astrid Thiersch and David Weber, with refreshments and good cheer.

Lantern Making

With Yoriko Yamamoto and Erin Kemp


Wednesday, December 15th

6pm - 7:15pm 

San Francisco Waldorf School

We welcome the winter season with a lantern making workshop. Led by our talented Waldorf handwork teachers, Yoriko Yamamoto and Erin Kemp, we will create a luminous star-shaped lantern by folding oiled watercolor paper to hold a candle. Bring home a festive beacon to bring light into the darkest time of year.

Winter Wreath Making

With Kate Barhydt and Adriana Petersen


Wednesday, December 8th

6pm - 7:30pm 

San Francisco Waldorf School

Winter plant magic is here! Bring some into your home with a handmade wreath. We will design wreaths using a variety of natural materials, so you can make it completely your own. Main Hall founders Adriana and Kate will share techniques and creative tips from their floral design backgrounds. 


Come engage with the natural world while bringing the holidays to life.   

Eurythmy for Wellness

With Maria Helland-Hansen 


Tuesdays, 6pm - 7:15pm 

November 2, 9, 16

San Francisco Waldorf School


This class is for anyone that wants to feel their best as the year wraps up. In Eurythmy for Wellness, Maria Helland-Hansen will introduce basic therapeutic eurythmy, a branch of Eurythmy that focuses on wellbeing. 


Over three Tuesday evenings, we will explore exercises to breathe through the whole body, fortifying health, enhancing the quality of sleep, and improving mindfulness. 


This is the perfect moment to boost our wellness and support groundedness before the holidays sweep in! Three 75 minute sessions are but a stitch in time. 

Fall Eurythmy

With Astrid Thiersch 


Tuesdays, 6pm - 7:15pm 

September 14th - October 19th

San Francisco Waldorf School


Join us this fall for six sessions exploring the fundamentals of Eurythmy, a harmonious movement that will leave you feeling balanced and revived in body, soul, and spirit. Performing eurythmist and teacher, Astrid Thiersch, will lead us through the movements and meaning of Eurythmy. All levels are welcome!


This class will introduce Steiner’s Six Basic Exercises, given as instruction for living in balance and integrity. We will discuss the exercises and pragmatic ways of working with them in our daily lives, supported by Eurythmy movement. The Six Basic Exercises can be looked at as a type of awareness practice, and are considered a fundamental suggestion for living as our truest and most harmonious selves in thinking, feeling, and willing. 


Fall Eurythmy is for everyone, from Waldorf families and alumni, to friends who have never worn Eurythmy slippers.

Karma and Reincarnation

With David Weber

Saturdays, 10am - 11:15am 

September 18th - October 23rd

San Francisco Waldorf School

As humans we are all unique, with our own story, biography, and perhaps even destiny. Are we products of heredity? Where do we come from?


Many religious traditions ask us to consider the idea of reincarnation, the possibility that we have been here on Earth before and will be again. As a spiritual teacher, Rudolf Steiner sought to re-connect concepts of reincarnation and karma with the Western world and Christianity, presenting ideas that agree and differ from those of Hinduism and Buddhism. He offers a view of progressive earthly lives that can be fruitful to consider. Can we entertain this thought about ourselves? What difference might it make in how we live and how we regard others? Together we will explore some of Steiner’s writings, with a helpful introduction by René Querido.


 A Western Approach to Reincarnation and Karma by René Querido included in course fee.

Wet-on-Wet Painting

With Karmin Guzder

Thursdays, 7:15pm - 8:30pm 

September 16th - October 21st

San Francisco Waldorf School

In this class we will explore the wet-on-wet painting technique, working with watercolor paint on wet paper. Over a six week period we will try different techniques and subjects led by Waldorf teacher and artist, Karmin Guzder. The combination of the paint with soaked paper can provide a rich experience of color and shape as the two interact. Open to seasoned painters, stick figure drawers, parents who want to see for themselves, and everyone in between. If you took our June class, there will be plenty of fresh content for all! 


All materials provided.

Class Package 

Deepen the learning experience and engage with all three discplines. 

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