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Eurythmy invites us to experience sounds, rhythms, and tones in a deeply integrated way. We use our bodies to “speak” and in so doing we meet the physical world with intention and sincerity.


Join us this fall for six sessions of beginning Eurythmy. This class will introduce Steiner’s Six Basic Exercises, given as instruction for living in balance and integrity. We will discuss the exercises and pragmatic ways of working with them in our daily lives, supported by Eurythmy movement. The Six Basic Exercises can be looked at as a type of awareness practice, and are considered a fundamental suggestion for living as our truest and most harmonious selves in thinking, feeling, and willing. 


This class is for everyone, from Waldorf families and alumni to friends who have never worn Eurythmy slippers!

Fall Eurythmy


    No one turned away for lack of funds. If you wish to participate and need financial assistance, please contact us directly at

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